Volunteer with Ubushobozi in Rwanda

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Volunteer with us!

We welcome volunteers with ideas and skills to share with the girls of the Ubushobozi Project and members of the Ubushobozi Staff and Cooperative.  Volunteers in the following fields are of particular need:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Psychological Counselling for Street Children

  • Women's Health and Family Planning

  • HIV Prevention and/or Care

  • Gardening & Agriculture

  • Basic Computer Skills (PC platform only)

  • Yoga

Bring your enthusiasm and sense of humor (and willingness to dance at any given moment).

All volunteers are subject to screening and approval process by Ubushobozi staff, participants, and the Cooperative.  Experience the unbelievable beauty of Rwanda -- the land of a thousand hills -- and the warm welcoming exuberance of its people.  Volunteers are welcome to stay at the Ubushobozi house and you can inquire about the cost to do so. Gorilla trekking and other tourist attractions are available upon your request.  We can recommend a local tour guide we work with who can help to arrange this and other activities for you (all activity fees incurred by volunteers).

CONTACT US for more information