What we Do.

We find deserving children. Sadly, it is often the case that kids living on the streets that tourists will run into are playing scams for dollars telling tales about needing money for that dictionary for school, or for printing a homework assignment… We find children with a real need and confirm their circumstances.

We get children fully prepared. We administer the school fees on time, buy children mattresses and the necessary school supplies, school uniforms and boarding fees. High Quality Boarding Schools are often the best choice as then children will receive 3 meals a day and will be kept off of the streets and from getting into mischief.

We match with the best schools. School programs work a little differently than in North America & Europe, so we find and match high quality schools and school programs with children’s best interest and career desire.


What it costs.

For each year, a child can have all of their school supplies, and food and board at high quality education for approximately $500 USD a year (as of 2019). This opportunity is life changing for children considering that many of these children we support may be otherwise malnourished, living on the streets, and/or have limited to no family or other means of support.

Out of dignity for the children, we do not publish pictures of the most challenging cases here, but please CONTACT US for more details.

One thing is clear, your support makes a sincere and literal difference in this child’s life, and you are welcome to visit Musanze to find out.

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