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It all started when…

Béatrice was accepted to Ubushobozi in 2009. She is very outgoing, friendly and loves to sing. Béatrice shows up to work early and eager every day and has a smile that lights up the room! She is incredibly proud of the work that she and her peers are accomplishing at Ubushobozi. Béatrice is a born negotiator. She’s our top choice to do the daily food shopping for Ubushobozi at the market. She understands the value of a dollar (franc) and always stays within or below the budget. She also loves to talk to tourists and invite them to visit Ubushobozi. With her charm, it’s hard to for them to resist! Born in 1994, Béatrice lives in Musanze with her daughter, Julia, who will be starting school this year.  Béatrice’s parents are deceased.

“I feel so much better ever since I joined the project. I am independent and able to provide for myself and it makes me very optimistic about the future and what I can achieve. This project has allowed me to eat, dress myself, help my family and so much more, in fact right now I can say that the project is my life.” ~ Béatrice