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Mukamana Aliné is one of our original Ubushobozi students and has been with us since the project’s inception in 2008. She’s a fun loving, hilarious and happy girl with a positive attitude. She may be the class clown, but Aliné is very serious about her work and takes pride in being a seamstress and all things Ubushobozi. Aliné is one of our top students and has been a project leader on several large goods orders which involved everything from creating the budget, purchasing materials, sewing to international shipping.

Born in 1993, Aliné lives in the village of Gashingiro, where she helped support her two sisters, Diane and Olive. Diane is now a member of Ubushobozi.  Their parents are deceased. Aline is known in her village as the one who takes care of children who need help. It is common for several of the village children to sleep at Aline's house.

“The project is so important for me because it has improved my life in ways that I cannot describe even in words. Without it, I don’t think I would be living. I owe so much to this project, it is really important for me. It has helped increase my confidence and make me realize that I am able to change things. I would like to help other people in need just like the project has helped me.”

~ Aliné