Uwineza was accepted to Ubushobozi in 2009. She is generally shy and reserved, but play some music or drums and you will see Uwineza become larger than life! She is frequently the lead dancer in the Ubushobozi dance troupe. She is an excellent seamstress and can often be found assisting the other girls. Uwineza will not consider one of her bags or other items finished until it is perfect and “beautiful.”  She is very confident and eager to learn any and all new skills. Uwineza has become a proficient weaver as well. She was born in 1998 and lives in Musanze with her husband and son, Regis. Uwineza is the mail provider for her family. Her parents are deceased. The causes of their deaths are unknown.

“I used to not have meals at night, I did not have money to buy soap or other necessary products but now I can. My family is very thankful for all the support and gifts we get from the project. Seeing my life change like this has made me more confident in what I can be able to do. Before the project I was in a very bad situation, but now I am doing so much better.”

~ Uwineza

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