Jackie was accepted to Ubushobozi in June 2010. Jackie has told us that she feels very optimistic about her future. Prior to Ubushobozi, Jackie had been selling potatoes in the market, which proved very unreliable as a source of income. She then began working as a farming day laborer but that too was unreliable. With her enrollment in Ubushobozi, Jackie is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn new skills and have a steady income. She is the sole income earner for her family. Born in 1991, Jackie lives in the village of Gohondogo with her beautiful daughter Diane, her mother and two younger siblings Noah and Valence. Their father is deceased.

I came here when I was in a really bad situation, and coming here has improved my life and helped me solve some problems that my family had. I have a salary and this has helped provide for my family, increasing my confidence.

Ever since I have joined this project, I have been treated well and my family is better. We are learning how to sew but we are also provided with health insurance as well as our families. I am really thankful for this project and so is my family. I know how the project has helped me and I wish that it could do the same for other girls in need as well.”

~ Jackie

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