Byukusenge Christine

Christine was accepted to Ubushobozi in 2009. She is self-motivated and determined to educate herself and work to support her family. She is an excellent seamstress and one of our top students. Christine excels in all areas at Ubushobozi. She has been a project leader on several large goods orders, which involved everything from creating the budget, purchasing materials, sewing, to international shipping. She has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh (especially the volunteers!). She loves to sing and dance. She lives with her husband and son, Valentine. Her father died of an unknown illness. Sadly, Christine has also lost two siblings to illness.

“I had a bad life before joining this project, when I came here, I got paid and saw my life change.  Today I am able to sustain myself but also my family and that has changed how I see myself. I now know that with opportunities people can work and improve their lives. My mother is also thankful because she has seen how the project has changed our life.”

~ Christine

photo courtesy of Hands Up Holidays

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