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Jeanne, here is where we can put a blurb about the cooperative.  Then below is a list of the members with a short bio and photo of each one.   A childhood friend of several of our students, Faustin brings his big, friendly smile and knowledge of gardening and farming to Ubushobozi. He and Mama Jeanine have cultivated a beautiful garden on our property. Prior to working at Ubushobozi, Faustin worked at a pre-school in his village. He is currently enrolled in automotive school, pursuing his dream of becoming an auto mechanic, and works part-time at Ubushobozi. Faustin lives with and supports his parents, who are very proud of him. ---------------------------- Ismail's presence has brought so much happiness to Ubushobozi! He is a professional traditional Rwandan dance instructor. In addition to teaching our girls and staff this incredibly beautiful art, he teaches another group called, 'Batarembere.' ------------------------ Kevin's family owns an Internet café in Ruhengeri where he works as a technical assistant. He teaches computer and Internet studies at Ubushobozi to the students and staff. Kevin is also pop singer and was a recent recipient of a local talent award in Ruhengeri.      
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