Ubushobozi has been registered as an official non-profit Association in Rwanda since its inception in 2008. Our volunteer team will be returning to Rwanda in July, 2011 to implement some exciting new initiatives and begin expanding our vocational skills training program. And we're pretty positive that between all our work there will be plenty of dancing and singing.

More good news for Faustin!

Wahoo! More good news for Faustin! Today for the first time in his life, he has opened his own bank account due to the extra income he's making as a yoga instructor. We are so happy! Nothing makes us happier than to watch our students/staff succeed and achieve independence.

It’s a great week at Ubushobozi

It's a great week at Ubushobozi when the biggest decision to be made involves revising the weekly schedule to accommodate 2 yoga classes. They won't settle for anything less. Now that Megan Leigh of Chichester Yoga has returned to the States, the girls/staff are committed to continuing their practice.

Check out this powerful little lady!

Check out this powerful little lady! 11yr old Isabel Granger of the UK raised funds for Ubushobozi on her very own. Thank you Isabel! Murakoze cyane, cyane, cyane! We love you! http://newsofrwanda.com/ubuvugizi/eleven-year-raises-funds-rwanda-girls/